Learning Tools

YouTube videos are available here, more learning tools will hopefully be available soon.




David Morris, Bass has provided a very useful tip for tuning our unaccompanied section just before figure 32; The lower strings creep in pp and are playing the chord of D flat (Dflat, F, A flat) at what should be our correct pitch when we sing ppp the first syllable of “Un-sterblich….” It is only for a moment and very quiet indeed so we must listen out carefully. As long as we “pick up” the correct pitch of these notes there from the orchestra, if we had previously gone flat, we shall solve the problem before it is very audible to the audience. During the bar before figure 32 the trombones play our chord on Leben with us pp, so we can “double-check” pitch. (From then on, if we haven’t got it right, correction of pitch will be difficult and very noticeable!).