Executive Committee


Credit: Milly Newman – Mozart’s Requiem Concert June 2017

The Chorus Executive Committee (Exec) are elected every year, around March, in the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Minutes from our meetings and AGMs (most recently on 4th May 2017) are available here.

Current Exec Members

Position Role About Current Member

(student only)

Responsible for day-to-day running, liaises with Music Centre and Arts Centre. Is a point of contact for all members. I’m a 3rd year mathematician and have been in the Chorus since I joined the university. I enjoy singing juicy tenor lines as well as playing with spreadsheets! Jonathan Winfieldjonathan

(Student only)

Manages Chorus Finances. Liaises with the Arts Centre Finance office. Rhys Williams
Secretary Organises registers and takes minutes at meetings. Handles scores and holds key to music library. Responsible for setting up rehearsal keyboard. Rhiannon McDonagh

(Student only)

Assists president, sends out regular weekly emails and replies to emails from members. Alex Kaye
Internal Publicity

(Student only)

Promotes the society around campus including the Freshers’ Fair. Updates members through social media and the website. Organises merchandise. Milly Newman
External Publicity Promotes the Chorus outside of the university. Responsible for flyering and advertising our concerts. Brian Robins (non-student)
Events Manager Organises socials suitable for all members. Organises Chorus’ movements on concert day, and at other events, directing members clearly. Provides assistance to the Tour committee (if applicable) Kevin Griffiths (non-student)