Frontage of Westwood Teaching Centre which contains Westwood Lecture Theatre.

Link to interactive campus map with rehearsal venue location – click here

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Westwood Lecture Theatre (WLT)

For the academic year 2017/18, Warwick Music Centre will be based on the Westwood Campus of the university whilst improvement works are carried out to the facilities in the Arts Centre. Chorus are rehearsing in the Westwood Lecture Theatre (WLT) which is in the Westwood Teaching Centre – pictured at the very top of the page.

  • You can view the location of Westwood Lecture Theatre on the interactive campus map here.
  • There are university signs around Westwood that should help you to find your way, and specific black and green signs to the Music Centre. Westwood Teaching Centre is the next building along from the Music Centre and opposite the main entrance to Avon Building.
  • Despite numerous attempts to make arrangements, Westwood Café won’t be opening for us on Thursday evenings. We will have access to hot water and a microwave in the Café, however, so we will be offering some basic refreshments (cups, coffee, tea, milk, sugar) during the break of rehearsals in exchange for donations.


  • The best car park for us to use for Westwood Lecture Theatre is Car Park 13 (note that Car Park 14 is permit only). Click here to see it on the campus map.
  • Car Park 13 is pay and display in chargeable hours only. Most importantly, it is free after 6pm. Car Park 13 is also signposted as the car park for Arden Conference Centre.
  • There are about 200 spaces available in this car park.
  • Pay and display (free after 6pm) parking is also available opposite Car Park 14 in Westwood Car Park, but there are only around 70 spaces. Limited street parking is available in Westwood too (see map below).
    • UPDATE: If you have mobility issues, we recommend you use the small pay and display car park opposite Car Park 14 as this is significantly closer to WLT than Car Park 13. You may wish to consider contacting Warwick campus parking team to negotiate access to permit-only Car Park 14 which is the closest one. Please note the exec and the Music Centre have tried to secure access to this car park for everyone but failed to do so. https://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/carparks/accessibility
  • You can also continue to park on central campus and walk in using the instructions below.

Car Park 13 Walking Route to WLT


Entrance to Car Park 13. This is also signposted as parking for Arden Conference Centre.


The turn off Kirby Corner Road which takes you to Car Park 13.


Alternative parking - Westwood

Alternative car parking to Car Park 13  which is available is shaded in red. Thanks to Warwick Security parking team for this map.

From any of the parking spaces in Westwood, WLT is only a short walk away but we recommend you check the route on a map first. Check a campus map (such as this one) to see the location of the rehearsal venue in comparison to these car parks. A picture of a map of the walking route from Car Park 13 to WLT is above. As you enter Westwood Teaching Centre (pictured at the very top of this page), access to WLT is immediately on the left through the double doors marked WLT (pictured below).



Walking instructions with pictures are available to download – click here.


  • Westwood is only a short 10-15 minute walk from central campus.
  • There are two main routes.
    • Route 1: Round the back of the Maths Building, past Riley Court and Millburn House and through a gate* onto Kirby Corner Road and onto Westwood (limited availability after completion of NAIC building).
    • Route 2: Past the NAIC building round the back of University House and along Kirby Corner Road onto Westwood (not available before the completion of NAIC building in January 2018).
  • At the time of writing, October 2017, the NAIC route is closed as the building is not yet complete and due to be finished in January 2018. There is a gate* which is currently open at all times in Route 1. We have been informed that once the NAIC building is completed, the gate will be closed at some point between 9pm-10pm for the night so likely not open when walking back to campus after a rehearsal. Following Route 2 back past University House is the best alternative.
  • 20170626_175058Both routes converge at the traffic lights pictured on the right (which is by the aforementioned gate and a sign to Millburn House).
  • From here you stay on main campus side of the road and continue walking. You want to take the second left into Westwood campus – the first left is visible in the picture on the right).
  • You can cross at the traffic island pictured below to enter Westwood (the entrance you want to take is the one pictured below).





  • After turning into Westwood, you need to turn right round the back of Car Park 14 and across past the Music Centre (pictured below).






  • With the Music Centre on your right, you will see the Westwood Teaching Centre in front of you (picture at the very top of this page) with the ramp up. The entrance to WLT is on the left as you enter the Teaching Centre.

WLT Routes

If you are unable to use the links to the interactive campus map, I have included this picture which shows the two routes. Link to a HD image of this map (https://uowchorus.files.wordpress.com/2017/07/wlt-routes2-e1499121822249.jpg).


Plan of the whole Music Centre at Westwood, we are rehearsing in the room marked Westwood Lecture Theatre.